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Need to buy barcodes for your products or packaging? As Australia's leading online barcodes retailer, we make the process of getting barcodes for your products easy.

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Products on Shelves

Choose a package

Head on over to our order page and select which barcode package suits you best, then just check-out with your order.

Download your barcodes

We'll assign barcodes to your account & handle things from here. Head on over to the barcodes section within your account, click generate and download.

Print to packaging

Once you've downloaded your barcodes you will need to get them printed onto your packaging or products. Once done you're ready to get your products in stores.

Benefits of Using BuyBarcodes

Know nothing about barcodes? No problem, we make it easy. Here are a few benefits of purchasing our barcodes written in plain English.

Instant download

Instantly download your barcodes from within your account after purchase, there is no time to wait.

EAN13 format

Australian businesses use EAN13 format barcodes, we provide the right format to make it easy for you.

Company prefix

Having an account means we'll automatically assign your own unique company prefix to your account.

Barcodes start with 93

Our barcodes start with the numbers 93 so that the origin of your products can be identified as Australian.

Multiple download formats

We provide several different barcode download formats, including JPG, PNG and SVG to make it easy for you.

Certificate included

You'll be supplied a Certificate of Issuance with every order, confirming that you are the owner of your barcodes.

First Time Buying Barcodes?
Here's why to choose us.

Taking the hard factor out

Know nothing about barcodes? No worries. We take the hard factor out, making it easy for you to get the right barcodes.

Buy with confidence

Purchase with confidence as a first-time buyer knowing that your barcodes will work for your products, in any store worldwide.

Super helpful customer support

Have any questions? Our super helpful customer support works around the clock to ensure we're ready to help you out.